Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tsunami of Change

It has been a few days since I have posted so this will be the first of a few posts. I have been busy doing some serious clearing and the results having been awesome! 

We think of tsunamis as a terrible monster and for sure in one way they are but another type of tsunami is hitting Earth as I write this now. This is not a wave of water but of energy that is changing the consciousness of the planet. Those who are aware know of it and can access it's incredible transforming power. Like water tsunamis if you are not prepared it will over take you and you will not know when it hits. The fear of the on coming wave will paralyze you and there will be no escape. If you are prepared and vigilant you not only survive but thrive!

This wave is bringing in a vibration of higher frequency than is present now. The wave will overtake anyone that is not of the same frequency range. Anyone who wants to survive this on coming wave must merge with it at the proper frequency becoming one with it. It is like shifting gears without a clutch, you must match the RPMs in order for the gears to merge. Everyone is capable of raising there vibration to match this wave. You must first let go of fear, cause fear of any kind will not survive. Most of humanity ranges from 20 to 250 on the vibrational scale of consciousness. Unconditional Love starts at 500 and that is where you want to be. We are not far off from it and it is very attainable in a short period of time.

map of consciousness according to David Hawkins

Acceptance is the key. Letting go is the door. Forgiveness the sign of welcoming (well - coming). We must let go of the old ways of control, fear, manipulation, insecurity, survival, the animalistic nature and embrace the new way of love, cooperation, oneness, freedom, expansion, the spiritual nature. It is not so much that these ways are new but there is a bringing about to the surface of what exists already to fullness. To discover our true nature, our true self that lurks behind the mask, the veil of illusion.

There many ways to raise your vibration. I have talked about a few techniques here already. One being Lester Levenson's method of releasing emotional attachment from past events thus freeing yourself of any blocks to the higher realms of consciousness. Ho'oponopono is another one which helps in healing your outside reality by taking total responsibility for it. Taking total responsibility for your reality that you experience gives you the ability to heal it because you are able to step back and become the observer of yourself and look at yourself objectively. This in turn gives you the power and control to shape your reality as you desire.

I am starting to see results and the results are a crescendo  building slowly, gaining speed.

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