Saturday, November 19, 2011

One dollar donation

I received my first donated dollar from a friend of a friend who I was visiting with this week. This person is an alcoholic that is fighting to get his life back together. He realizes that he is the cause of his own problems and desires to change. Alcoholism is a tough battle for those who struggle with it. I have several friends and acquaintances that contend with this addiction.

When I told him about my journey and the purpose of it he reached in his pocket and gave me the only dollar he had to his name. He insisted I take it and I gladly accepted it! I said that I would not spend this dollar but keep it with me as a good luck charm knowing that he appreciated what I was doing and gave all that he had. To me this is a valuable contribution because of the spirit behind the giving. I know he will conquer his alcoholism. He is a very smart guy, a gifted mechanic and has many talents. Many blessings to him!