Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Resistence is truly futile!

     It is amazing how resistant you can be without realizing it. Yesterday I woke up in a mood of anxiety, worry about the future, fear of failure to name a few of the emotions I was having thinking about my trip and there lies the problem. I was over thinking, analyzing and trying to force things to happen instead of allowing things to unfold. This was good though cause I was able to stand back and be the observer and not let the emotion overtake me. I used the Sedona Method to clear and let go of the negative emotions I was experiencing. After my mind felt clear and I was able to now let things flow to me and they did!

      I am planning to go to New York for the start of my journey. I left messages on several Rideshare boards intending to find a ride and to share gas expenses which would be roughly thirty dollars on a vehicle that gets decent gas mileage. I have also put in several Couchsurfing request for overnight stays with CS hosts. As of yesterday everything had turned flat. I was not finding a ride or a place to stay. I was getting frustrated and started to let emotion take over me until I decided not to let it! After clearing and letting go, my wife told me to check Greyhound. Now she told me to do this a few times before but I dismissed it because I was sure I would be getting a Rideshare ride. I checked Greyhound and lo and behold they had an amazing ticket price of fifteen dollars from Boston to NY! Allowing works great when you actually allow!

     I have had a problem with my phone charging which was stressing me a bit too. I believed it to be the charger not the battery. I looked into a new charger and it was thirty to forty dollars. I mentioned to a friend that I needed one and they said they would see if they still had one that would fit my phone. Lo and behold they did! So after letting go of my worry about the phone the universe provided freely.

     Time to get personal. I have been struggling financially all my life. Mostly because of beliefs inherited from my upbringing. Secondly I was more interested in the inner workings of life and understanding the whys of things. Why people behave the way they do? Why we are so destructive and loving at the same time? I grew a hatred towards money too because of the way it is used as a form of slavery and weaponry. I decided to let go of all my beliefs about money and just accept that it is only a form of abundance and exchange. I decided I would open myself up to all forms of abundance equally, not putting money on a higher plane then hospitality or service of any kind.

      Running low on food and food stamps being held up due to my wife's commission based employment, my wife ask me to check out the food pantry. I didn't resist and just went to check it out. I brought my youngest son Bray who is turning one this December. When I got there the people were very helpful and friendly and happy to interact with Bray. Due to the loving kindness we received four bags full of groceries, baby diapers, laundry soap and a fifty dollar gift card for even more food!

      You never know what can happen when you allow life to come to you instead of forcing your will upon it. Relax, intend and enjoy the experience! You'll live longer, happier and more prosperous!