Friday, December 2, 2011

Day One is Here!

     I am on my way to New York City as I write this now. I still have no couch to surf as of yet so I will see what becomes of the day and where it takes me. I am looking forward to going to the Institute of Hermetic philosophy tonight for a seminar and checking out the occupy zone on wall street if it is not to chaotic. Officials from officialdom have broken up the LA camp and there is a court procedure going on today in Boston to break up the Boston occupy zone. Weather may break the northern camps as winter approaches. If these camps all close the power behind them will not. I encourage those who participate in these to carry on in the work not fighting the system but changing yourself individually on the inside so that the outside will match. True change comes from within. This does not mean we don't take action. This means we take action inspired from our higher self and not from the outside world or reality.

     You can only change the outside world by becoming what you want to see inside. Once you have the proper state of mind and vibrational output, outside reality has no choice but to change. If you smile in a mirror it must smile back it has no choice but to do so cause it is only a reflection of you! How you see and experience the outside world is no different. If everybody in the world would do this we would have the peace we are wanting.

     I will miss my wife and two kids very much but will keep in touch by Skype. I know that our life will be better now as my wife and I work on our inside reality to create the outside reality we desire. Our kids will be so blessed by our effort to get clear and focused on how we truly want our lives to be. They will benefit greatly by our new state of mind and positive outlook.

     I met a cool guy on the commuter train into Boston. He talked about some of his travels and experiences serving in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was a very knowledgeable person who had a great outlook on life despite going through some tough times in the military. He told me about the time he was seriously injured when his Hummer flipped over and on to him as he was the gunner on top. He had broken his back and was in the hospital for four months. That did not deter him but he stayed focused on getting well and living! After he left the hospital he went on a two month trip to experience life as it comes. What do you know that is exactly what I am doing! We agreed to stay in touch.

     I arrived in New York city I went to the nearest Starbucks to check the status of my couch requests. Still at this point I had no couch and a few more declines. I started to feel that old feeling of “things never work out for me” among other feelings. I immediately cleared those feelings using the Sedona Method of releasing feelings that don't serve you. You first allow the feeling to be, then stand back from it as an observer feeling the sensations in the body. Then you ask yourself a series of questions that help you to let go of this feeling. Now there may be several feelings connected to one general emotion. I was feeling fear of the future which can be connected to anger, resentment and a number of other emotions. Usually there is a train of emotion starting with the first main emotion fear.

     When clearing you may first only be able to clear one or two of the emotions connected to an event, to your thoughts or fear you are experiencing. There is always more then one emotion working together and they all need to be cleared out. It may take several times before you clear your mind of certain fears before it is completely gone even then they can still pop up once and awhile but it will be mild compared to how it used to be and easier for you to clear it out.

     Once clear I ask myself one more question. What positive action can I take now. This helps to keep your thoughts and feelings positive instead of falling back again into the negative. My mind suddenly becomes clear and things start to flow again. I put out some more requests and found a couch almost immediately.

     Five pm and it is time for my seminar at the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy. I was graciously welcomed by all and don't think I could even describe completely the amazing experience I had at this seminar in one post. The theme of the presentation was Transcendental Wealth. It was about how one could acquire true wealth by knowing thyself and becoming a consciously aware human. It is the true wealth Christ talked about when he said "But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal." As they say you can't take it with you, the material wealth you can achieve in this physical reality. What you can take with you is consciousness! The more conscious awareness you can achieve in this life the better off you will be in the next.

     Obtaining true wealth is only for those who are ready for it. It is open to all to obtain but most will not see it or understand it because they are to focused on this 3D physical reality and can't get beyond the five senses of the physical world. If one does not obtain enough consciousness in this life he will still not know who he is in the next life until he reaches a point of consciousness that lifts the veil from the eyes of understanding. It is like Christ said "For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them."

     If your spiritual eyes, ears and heart are not open then you cannot even begin to understand true wealth. To open up you must begin with shutting down the constant static in the mind from the continual patterns of thinking caused by the ego. Once the mind is quite a new thinking takes over as now you are able to see and hear and discern with your heart that which can't be done with the physical mind. The mind can only receive and perceive. The higher mind conceives, creates, causes and knows.

     I encourage you to take advantage of the methods of clearing described in this blog to help clear the mind of old patterns of thinking and behavior that no longer serves you and tap into the true power of your higher mind, your true being, your presence. Email me if you have questions about any of the methods I use.

     The Stellar Man written by John Baines alias for Dario Salas Sommer, founder of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy is an astounding book that will open your mind to a reality beyond the veil of ego and identification with form. I highly recommend it!  

     This first day was great! I am looking forward to all the experiences and lessons life will teach me on this journey. Life is good!