Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bare-ly making it

     After putting in several Couchsurfing requests for Friday and the weekend I got accepted by another  host in Brooklyn not to far from where I was currently staying. When searching through profiles looking for people to stay with I would come across a profile every now and then that stated that they are a nudist and that if you could not handle nudity then this couch was not a good idea for you. There seems to be a decent amount of nudist profiles in the New York area. Well it seemed inevitable that I was to have this experience cause the person who accepted my request was a nudist. This was the only couch being offer to me.

     He had other roommates that were not nudist and I figured if they can live there then I can stay there for a few days. Trusting in what is I decided to stay with them. I met my host Paul at Union Square where he gave me the keys to his loft as he was going out for the night and would be home late. His manner is serious but friendly and open. When I arrived at the loft, two of his roommates Albert and Joseph were there hanging out watching a movie on the PC. We didn't talk that much that night as it was late.

     The next day I talked with Albert and Joseph and got into some good conversation about life. We talked about everything from philosophy to Aliens, God, self empowerment and equality. Their other roommate Lex came home and joined in on the conversation. Lex is big into the occupy Wall street movement and talked about what was going on with it.

     My host came home later that day. The nudity did not bother me at all. He was very natural about it. Doing what anyone else would do in their home. I respect that he can be himself and not worry how other people think. All the people in the loft were gracious and hospitable . They provided me with some food and drink which I greatly appreciated!

     After staying in the loft I made my way to an old Couchsurfing acquaintance Tony who I knew from the Boston CS group. We had met at a few parties and I had crashed on his couch once. Tony had two nights available for me to surf. Monday and Wednesday. I did not know where I would go on Tuesday. He mentioned that he was going to Boston for the night and that is why he could not host me on Tuesday. I asked him how he was getting there and said he was driving his car. He would be staying one night and heading back late the next day. I asked him if I could come along so I could visit with my wife and kids for the day and he graciously said yes.

     I did not expect to be going home so soon but it was a good thing to go and see my family while I had the opportunity. At the time I was running out of money and needed to do some laundry and was wondering how was going to get more money and clean my clothes. I had signed up for a prepaid credit card that I could take with me on the trip so I could receive money from home or another source. I had not yet received it before I left and did not have a way for anyone to send me money. Going home was perfect for getting the funds I needed, doing my laundry and spending sometime with my wife and kids! Unfortunately I still did not receive my card when I went home so my wife will have to send it to my next destination.

     It was good to see my kids. I miss them so much! My little one Bray is starting to walk, taking his first few steps. He is not yet walking but he is taking steps in between points. My older one Hayden is having some trouble with me being away. Since he was born I have been around most of the time since I have been unemployed much over the last few years.  I hope to be able to see them soon again. I do keep in touch on the PC web cam a couple of times a week.

     I found a ride to Ohio my next destination. I will be staying with an old high school friend that I have kept in touch with over the years. I'll be leaving New York on Monday.