Tuesday, November 15, 2011


     I am embarking on a unique adventure called The Journey of Trust. The journey is about trusting your intention and intuition, knowing it to be so, not doubting and seeing the results and consequences. We are all at this moment trusting in something to be true according to are beliefs and definitions of those beliefs. You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction. If you haven't no worries cause it has always been around, it has been explained by masters such as Buddha and Christ. Christ said the measure you measure out will come back to you. Actually he even said it would be more than what you have given out. The law is simply. What you project from your inside (your mind & heart) by thought and feeling, you will receive back though your outside reality. Physical reality is a mirror of who you are projecting to be.

     My trip will have a threefold purpose. One will be to prove that the law of attraction is true by trusting in what I am putting out from my mind and heart knowing that it is a universal law that cannot be broken. You cannot look into a mirror with a frown and expect back a smile. You must first smile then the mirror will smile back. Your reality is no different. Based on this anyone who donates to my journey will receive back three times or more what they gave to help me accomplish my journey. 

     The second is to clear myself of all negative thoughts and emotions that could hinder me in my journey. By doing so I will have pure intent and as my journey goes on I will only gain in personal strength and power. I'll be using two methods of clearing. The Sedona Method which was created by Lester Levenson. A man on his death bed who came back to a full, happy, healthy life after using a process to clear his mind of all negative thought and emotion. The second method I'll be using is called Ho'oponopono a Hawaiian practice of healing. I'll be using and explaining these methods throughout my journey. You'll get to see the results first hand.

     The third is to be free in every way. Financially, emotionally, spiritually and any another way or experience you can think of.

     My journey will start December first and will last for a minimum of three months. I will be doing a daily blog with pictures, video and writing about my experience. This will become a book when I am done but it will be free to read online until my journey is over. Anyone who donates to my journey will be mentioned on my site or may received advertising as an exchange for services. I ACCEPT ALL FORMS OF DONATION! It does not have to be money. You can provide me with a meal, a place to stay, or anything that will help me to reach my destination and goals. There will be a PayPal button on the site for monetary donations.

     There is nothing greater than self discovery. There is no better feeling in existence then to know and understand existence itself. It is a freedom that nobody can describe, it is one that each must discover on their own by examining themselves and understanding themselves. Stay tuned this should get interesting!

Peace and Blessings!


     I am going to talk about doubt as the first emotion that needs to be eradicated from my brain! We love to self sabotage, doubting ourselves, doubting others and simply doubting the natural process of life. Doubt will be one obstacle that will pop up it's ugly little head every time you believe in something new. Whether that be in a goal you are trying to accomplish or a feeling your trying to over come your persistent negative thoughts will always arise when they are threatened. If you are trying to believe in a new concept the old concept does not want to be forgotten so it fights for it's life and right to be. It will lie to you and make you believe that IT IS YOU that it is part of who you are and therefore cannot get rid of it. It will try to convince you that you cannot live without it.

     Well how do you fight such resistance to change? You don't! You must accept that feeling for what it is, just a feeling. It is not you. No feeling is you, it is only a experience you are having. You are simply existence itself and existence can choose to experience anything it wishes. It is the zero point of being. The IAM. When you say I am this or that then you are saying that you are that thing or this thing.You are identifying your being with that thing. If you say I am sick. Then you are saying that you are sickness. You are identifying sickness as who you are but it is not who you are. Nothing outside of you ( you as in your beingness) is you. You only choose to identify yourself by these things outside of you. If you do not like what you are identifying yourself with then you can choose to identify yourself by something else or nothing at all.

Change is a process that takes dedication to the process. Everything you experience is a result of your thinking and feeling. A thought has absolutely no power unless it is fueled by emotion. When there is no emotional attachment the thought fades away. Thus the process for changing your life is to be aware of your emotional state and to be aware of the thought that is attached to the emotional state. If you are feeling angry then ask your self why am I feeling angry. Asking this question helps to bring up the thoughts that lead to the feeling. There may be several thoughts tied together that brought about the feeling of anger. You must address and bring up each one connected with the emotion of anger you are having presently. I say presently because you want ONLY to work on emotion that you are now feeling.

     We want to stay in the present. We don't want to go to the past or the future. If the feeling is connected with the past then accept that fact but deal with it in the present. Cause there is only the present moment. If you are thinking about the past then you are not in the present. Same if you are thinking of the future. If you are in the past or the future with your thoughts and feelings then you are not living. You are dead to the moment. Only what you are thinking, feeling, doing right now matters cause there is only now. If you are not living now then you are truly dead.

     There is no difference between the zombies of horror movies and those who live in the past and future. They are both the living dead. They look alive but really they are dead. They keeping search for brains to feed there lack of being. The reason they have no brains is cause they are stuck in the past or the future and thus have no brains in the now.

     I often think of the seemingly harsh words of Christ and their meaning. Christ asked a man to follow him and the man replied that he needed to first bury his Father then he would follow him. Christ said to him "Let the dead bury the dead." The typical reaction to this is disbelief in these very words. They cannot believe Christ as a loving man would be so harsh as to not allow this man the time to bury his Father properly before following him but when you understand it from a higher level you can understand why he said such seemingly harsh words.

Christ was present and he was not going to be there forever anyone who was to follow him had to act NOW! His father was already dead and there was nothing he could do to change that. The people at his funeral will all be mourning and grieving thus living in the past and maybe even thinking of the future when there would see the person again. The whole process is not one of the present moment. Anyone who was to follow the Christ has to be in the now cause that is where he dwells. All Masters live in the now present moment cause they no that is all there is. Time and space is only a experience we are having in this 3D reality. The only way to free yourself and become enlightened is to live in the now.

     There are several methods that can help you to live in the now. I will be using several different ones in my journey and sharing my experiences with all you who are tuning in to my journey. I'll be leaving in 16 days. I thnak you for all your generous donations! A place to stay for the night, a meal and a shower, a ride somewhere, a pleasant, enjoyable, conversation, money and more.

     I guarantee that whatever you give you will receive back threefold or more!

Blessings to you!