Monday, January 9, 2012

The Lessons of Darkness and Light

The light and the darkness exist infinitely as mirrors two each other. You cannot know how much light you are experiencing unless you can project it against something, such as a movie projector using light to project a movie on to a screen in a dark room. The dark room could not experience the movie without the light from the projector. The light could not project the movie without the aid of the dark room. Both are needed to enjoy and experience the movie. Both are needed to enjoy and experience life.

The more you understand that everything is one and nothing is truly separate the more you will know the truth of all things. The light and the darkness are teachers in the school of life. Life is experience, in experience we learn lessons, in these lessons we evolve our consciousness becoming more aware of all that is. All that is has always been and always will be. It is not that all that can be created is already created but that all possibility exist infinitely thus all that can be known is infinite and cannot truly be all known except in what has been experienced so far from all that is.

If you want to be strong in the light you must have a strong reflection back from the darkness. The darkness shows you how much light you have in your being. How you look in the darkness shows how you are in the light. It is only a reflection. You do not have to experience great darkness to see your reflection in the mirror of darkness. When you become more conscious the reflection back from darkness is so bright it does not seem like darkness anymore but light. As Christ said "Let your light shine" cause when it does brightly you cannot experience the darkness due to the brightness of your reflection upon it.

Although the darkness is always there it cannot effect anyone who's light is so bright. The light frequency of such a being is above the effects of darkness because of it's light output. Darkness has no power over it unless the light descends into darkness it will not shine as bright and will become dim but never fade away. In the darkness there is only ignorance for those who are at the farthest point away from the light where separation is felt at the greatest level. Where service to self is at it's maximum point and can go no farther. It is like a man who has fallen asleep on a raft and floated out to sea to a point where there was nobody around to save him.

The light can reach all seven levels of existence but darkness can only rise from one to four at least in effectiveness since at level 5 the light is too bright and darkness has no influence on it although it still exists at that level and level 6. Level seven is completely light no darkness can even exist. Low light can be reached on level one for which microscopic life lives in the darkness. All these levels of existence are densities of vibration. One being the darkest and densest of all and seven being the lightest and brightest of all. Whatever density of life you are on you can see all levels below and have partially understanding of levels above. When you have gained enough knowledge of the next level above you then evolve to that level.

Everything existed on level seven until the big bang of creation which expanded out from the light into the darkness and created the seven levels of existence. The darkness was the void mentioned in the Bible and God was the light. God meaning the creator or existence itself expanding outwardly into the void into order to experience itself and spread life abroad. We are the image projected into the darkness in order to experience it and reflect back to the light those experiences and lessons learned from being in the darkness. We are the light and we have experienced the darkness for a long time but we are slowly reflecting back closer to the source becoming individual beings reflecting the light of the source thus becoming one with it. The more we understand and become consciously aware of the more we will rise in levels of existence and reflect more closely the source of all creation which is infinite possibility through love light and joy.

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