Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is working hard the only way to obtain money?

Slavery comes in many forms some so sly that most are not conscious enough to be aware of it even though it stares them in the face daily! How many times have you heard the phrase "Just work hard and you will get what you want in life" or Just work hard and       fill in the blank. Why is everything so hard? Is there not people that go through life with relatively no stress and live care free? Oh yeah we are not supposed to like those people who have their act together and whom life has falling into alignment for them. I forgot we are suppose to be jealous and resentful of them and waste our vital energy stewing over it while we work hard.

There are plenty of people in this world who don't work hard and have plenty of money. The belief that I must work hard for money is complete bologna. I have been working hard trying to making money all my life giving my energy to the pursuit of that which gives no happiness! I have finally decided to let all my beliefs about money go. Money is nothing but a resource which people have put way to much emphasis on which in turn has brought about much pain.

Nothing in itself is bad, only that which is attached to it by belief, thought and feeling in other words consciousness. A knife can be used to butter bread or to kill depending on the wielder of it. The knife itself is nothing until consciousness is put into it. At that point it becomes alive, a useful tool in which to do good or evil. Money is no different.

Because of the twisted emphasis on money we cannot fix this economy even though we are the economy! People are the economy! People have let corporations and government take it over for their own greedy wants while we work hard for little to nothing in return. We can take it back by finding ways of exchange and helping each other without money as money is corrupted by bad conscious input or change the way we think and feel about money so it will be a positive resource for all not just a few.

The belief that you must work hard for money is a fallacy. There are plenty of people who work a lot but enjoy what they are doing so it does not seem like hard work to them. Hard work usually means it is something you have to do to pay your bills and survive. Yeah that is called slavery. Economic slavery to be exact! The only reason you believe you must work hard for money is because you believe you must work hard for money. Have the belief that you don't have to work hard for money and you won't! I am not saying it is easy to change that belief but you can change it! How? By not believing it! Trust in yourself and your ability to find enjoyable work that does not feel like slavery and you will find it.

If you trust in the belief that money only comes through hard work then that is exactly what you will experience. I know I have experienced it a lot! I choose now not to experience it anymore but to believe in myself and my ability to bring into manifestation money without slavery. Not only money but ALL abundance! Please stay tuned to this blog as I go on my journey and put these things to the test. Live the experience with me. See it work!

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