Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dealing with Emotions

     I am going to really put myself out there during this trip and NOW as I prepare for my journey. I have been feeling real upbeat and positive about things until today. Today the pain body is having it's way a bit, not completely cause I am standing back as the observer and watching how it unfolds and builds to a crescendo trying to take over me.  

     Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now is such a great book! If you have not read it I highly suggest it! I will be discussing it quite a bit throughout this blog. When I talk about the pain body I am referring to his concept which in the simplest terms means that all our emotional pain becomes a entity in itself trying to possess us and drain our energy. Any negative emotion is energy draining and can be felt in the body. The key to having control is to become a observer of the emotion you are experiencing thus separating yourself from it because ultimately it is not you. It is only an experience you are having and since it is only a experience then you have the power to disconnect from it. 

     The problem we have is we believe our emotions are us! So they take control of us instead of us taking control of them. Remember, you are in charge! You can choose to be in any emotional state that you wish. I am sure that you would choose love, joy, happiness or any positive emotion over any negative IF you could control your emotional state and become king over your own kingdom within you. There are several processes and methods I will be using to accomplish this during my journey. 

     Three things that I noticed already that work well is believing that you are not your emotion but that your emotion is just an indicator of how far or how close you are to your true self. Your true self is peaceful, blissful, content and in complete control. There is no fear in love as they say so fear would be the furthest from your true self that one could get. All negative emotion is pain and suffering, mentally, emotionally and physically in the body as sickness, disease and finally death. None of these things exist in love. 

     They say God is love. I say God is existence itself and that God chooses to be love cause love IS the best feeling that IS. Thus God chooses to be only love. If you don't believe in a almighty God that is okay too since you will still choose love over any other emotion cause that is what every living things strives to obtain in completeness. Even the most evilest being strives for it. It chooses the darkness to discover the light cause life is light and light is love and there is no escaping it! The darkness has no chance!

     Back to my emotional state today. I have been feeling anxiety today caused by my outside reality that I haven't quite let go of yet while I am cleansing my inside reality. As Christ said "Cleanse first the inside of the cup then the outside will also become clean". It is easy to do that which we are use to doing. The repetitive patterns of the past that keep knocking on the door saying "don't forget about me"! Feelings of lack, unworthiness, failure, frustration and anger etc. I feel like taking out my mighty sword of the spirit and slaying them all! But that would be exactly what they want. They want to stir up negative energy. Instead I will give them none of it! I will observe and laugh as I watch the circus show knowing it is not me, no now I am in control!

     Just writing this gives me tremendous power to transform all these negative emotions in to positive power. I become the black hole that consumes all negative energy only to produce positive life on the other side. A black hole consumes only that which is no longer useful, negative and destructive to life. Otherwise it would let it be. It is the recycle bin of life.  I'm talking metaphorically not scientifically. 

     The best thing you can doing when in a negative state of mind is take action! Become the observer and disconnect from the emotion in anyway you can. Then try letting go of the emotion using the Sedona Method. Then use Ho'oponopono to heal from the experience. The Ho'oponopono mantra is "I love you, I'm sorry, forgive me, thank you. My own assessment of these phrases is that I love you means just that. You are saying that you love yourself and the thing or person that brought about the experience, thus showing love and projecting love upon you and the whole experience. I'm sorry means that you apologize for the negative experience YOU created. Forgive me means that you ask to be forgiving for creating such a negative experience. You give yourself permission to be forgiven. Thank you means you are grateful for the experience and that you learned much by it. All this is a process of letting go and forgiving yourself for creating such negativity. I found that persistent use of this concept has helped me to stay in control by allowing, forgiving, loving and appreciating all that life brings. 

     How powerful is Ho'oponopono? Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len healed a whole ward of seriously mentally ill people with absolutely no contact with the patients. All he did was look at their files and while repeating over and over again the Ho'oponopono mantra until they were all healed and walked out of the hospital own their own accord!


Charles :)

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